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Infrared Home Energy Audits: Thermal Home scan

About Energy Audits

Using Infrared Thermography, Corr Energy Consulting performs customized home energy audits. This cutting edge technology pinpoints exactly where you are losing energy through temperature changes.  The thermal imaging camera sees through walls and measures heat producing images called thermograms.  These thermogram images show an array of issues that may not be visible to the naked eye including: air infiltration, water permeation, missing or inefficient insulation, moisture build-up, heat loss, and electrical irregularity.


The good news is there are avenues to manage your energy consumptions and secure your

home against unnecessary energy loss. Energy audits or home scans are an affordable and efficient way to visibly establish the root cause of your home’s energy loss and develop a viable plan to rectify these concerns.  Once identified minor adjustments can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase your savings.


Whether your goal is to improve your current home, evaluate a new home or prepare your home for the real estate market, an energy audit will prove to be a valuable tool for your investment.


Why Get an Energy Audit

$$$$$SAVE MONEY $$$$
Energy audits can pinpoint hidden defects, including:
    ±   Structural Problems
    ±   Poor, missing, deteriorated insulation
    ±   Air infiltration, drafty rooms
    ±   Moisture intrusion and build-up
    ±   Potential mold in walls and ceilings
    ±   Overloaded electrical circuits
    ±   Loose Electrical connections
    ±   HVAC blockages and leaks
    ±   Inadequate or improperly installed flashing or sealant

You could spend hundreds of dollars hiring a contractor to caulk all the windows in your home when only a few actually need it.  You could add insulation to your entire attic when all that you really need to do is repair your ridge vent. Because an energy audit is customized to your home, you can target the areas of your home that need enhancement.  The knowledge an energy audit provides puts you in control and gives you the confidence that the improvements you are making are exactly and only what is necessary.

Energy Audit Process

1.    Upon arrival an inspector will discuss your areas of concern.  Together, you will get goals and 
        discuss your expectations and our process.  The home energy audit inspection will last approximately 
        2 hours depending on the size of your home.

2.    The Inspector will scan the following:
        a.    Exterior envelope of your home
        b.    Interior, including: furnance and duct work, lighting, water heater and pipes, doors, ceiling, 
                floors, windows, wall vents, insulation, attic hatch seals, lighting and wall insulation.

3.    Upon completion of the energy inspection, the inspector will give an overview of his findings 
        reviewing thermal scan footage.

4.    The Home Energy Audit Inspection includes:
            ± A home energy audit report identifying areas of suggested improvements with 
                    corresponding infrared images

5.    For a nominal fee, clients may also purchase:
            ±  DVD
   ±  Follow up visit within 10 months