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Move In Certified: Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspections

Prove to potential home buyers that your home is Move In Ready. The traditional process usually calls for the home buyer to acquire a home inspection. That thought process has changed. In the current real estate market, it makes sense to utilize every tool possible to set your home apart from your competitors. Having your home Move In certified will give you that edge. Securing an inspection prior when placing your home on the market will demonstrate your good faith in disclosure and preclude any future concerns when attempting to sell your home.

In addition, having a professional inspection will facilitate a smooth transition by easing the buyer’s concerns, circumventing costly delays and reducing negotiating points.


±   Speed up the selling process by eliminating the inspection contingency clause and pricing your home accurately. 

±   Increase the value of your home by making minor repairs before you list, ensuring you get top dollar along with eliminating the negotiating power of the seller.

±   Ease the buyer's mind by proving that your home is ready for immediate sale.

±   Reduce your liability by providing professional credentials in your selling disclosure

±   Sell with confidence knowing that your home is Move In Certified

As most home sales include an inspection contingency, having a Move In Certified home inspection will eliminate surprise defects that can sabotage the sale of your home. Find out about hidden problems, get them corrected in advance or disclose them, reflecting your home at an appropriate price considering the issues as is. Whether the buyer or the seller, being up front will alleviate the surprises usually involved in real estate transactions.

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