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Our Rates

We offer a Great Product.  
            YOU DETERMINE the Great Price.


We know you will like our prices.  How? We let you set the price. 

Most decisions are based on 2 criteria: the quality of service and a price you can afford. We are so sure that we offer a valuable service, that we are willing to let you set the price.


How it Works

1.   Determine which service(s) you would like us to perform.

2.   Find out what our competition is charging for the service.

3.   Let us know what you believe is a fair price for the service(s) you want.

4.   If we don't find any discrepancies, the call is FREE!

Ask about out REALTOR and CONTRACTOR rates.

Call us 248.393.0926. 

We want to be your partner in your goal to be Energy Efficient.





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